Self Defense Dash Camera

Your Silent Witness!

Self Defence Dash Camera

Your Silent Witness!


A Single Click Away From Safety

A single click on the app or voice command sets off a sequence of events that ends up in an email or SMS alert being sent.

First Of It’s Kind In Dash Cameras

Unlike every other dash camera out there that focuses on the road ahead, SDDCAM focuses strictly on you!

Putting An End To Traffic Stops Gone Wrong

You are no longer alone. SDDCAM captures your own unaltered version of events.

Geo-Positioning Data

Emergency video recording has embedded Date, Time stamp and GPS coordinates.

SDDCAM Features

One touch manual activation or voice command launches selfie (front) camera focused on user and surroundings
Video and audio recording starts and uploads to cloud vault in real time (data plan required)
Stealth mode option available to continue selfie recording in background
Video uploaded in 20sec clips so as to capture as much activity in the event of a malicious interruption
Clips merged and instantly delivered to emergency contact in 5min batches (if longer than 5 mins)
Emergency contact has options to view and download video evidence (SMS and email)
Video recording has embedded Date, Time stamp and GPS coordinates
Subscriber gets a copy of alerts sent to emergency contacts
Subscriber also has videos stored in phone library
Video retention size and duration in cloud varies based on subscription
One week FREE evaluation offered with FULL features (Premium subscription equivalent)

Your Silent Witness

Subscription Packages

7-Day Trial

Pricing details below*

Pricing details below*

Pricing details below*




Number of Emergency Contacts




Emergency Contact Email

Emergency Contact SMS

Cloud Storage Size




Embedded GPS Coordinates
Embedded Date/Time
Cloud Video Retention Period

24 hrs

7 days

30 days

Monthly Subscription



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